Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So I am still needed! She didn't want to walk in alone. lol I took her in and she looked so tiny in her great big ole desk. She looked a little nervous or scared. I couldn't really tell which but she was sad I could tell. Its so hard watching your baby grow up. I am excited for her and all the new and exciting things she is going to get to experience and try. Just a little bittersweet. It was just she and I for so long. Just us girls. When I brought her home from the hospital I couldn't believe someone actually let me take this 5 lbs baby home. I really thought they had to be crazy! I screamed at my mom all the way home bc she was just driving crazy! Driving 20 in a 30 was just to fast! lol I thought my car seat was in right bc a cop installed it but it wasn't lol. I didn't know that yet. Just watching her grow up and being there for every minute! I feel so blessed that my mom helped support me back then so I could stay home with Caroline. She has turned into such a sweet, loving, SASSY, girl. I am so proud. Ok i am going to sign off and have a

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