Thursday, July 16, 2009


Are getting so expensive soon it will be a luxury to eat. lol I read that the average family of 4 spends 800 a month. I spend about 125 a week at the store. I go to Walmart and Kroger. I buy all my dry foods at walmart like breakfast bars etc. I buy all my veggies and meat at Kroger. That doesn't include paper towels and cleaning supplies. I used to buy lots of snack foods and cokes but I never buy chips anymore or cookies and stuff like that. If we have cookies I make them homemade and if I get chips they are baked. I get goldfish and pretzels but when my kids eat lunch they usually just eat a sandwich and fruit or yogurt. I really just buy dinner for 6 nights and then things like breakfast bars and fruit snacks. We eat pretty healthy for the most part. I just can't believe how much these things cost now! I have some people in a group I am in and they spend 50 or so a week at the store and I have no idea how they can eat off that! Thankfully there are all these online coupon websites and grocery store deals. I am not as savvy as some of my friends! ;)

I found this website. You can calculate your income and see how you would fare somewhere else. Pretty interesting.

Anyway. I am keeping my friends baby today. He is only a few weeks old! He is so cute and I am so excited to get to keep him! I will take some pics and post some later! He is a cutey!!!

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Dusty Brown said...

I absolutely agree with you. Grocery shopping has become much more expensive in the past year!! I also buy some stuff at Walmart and the rest at Publix or Kroger.