Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday 12

1. Caroline had a wonderful day. She loved her teacher and said he was so fun!! She can't wait to go back tomorrow! I am so glad that she has another great role male influence in her life besides Scotty and my father in law and my brother in laws. Someone that isn't family. He is great! 

2. I have major heartburn! Like nonstop all day heartburn and a dull headache. It really sucks. 

3. Tomorrow we are keeping baby Lincoln which should be fun as usual!! He is my friends baby and I love him like family. Being super cute doesn't hurt either!! :)

4. Its going to rain for the next 9 days! I am not sure what is up with this summer but its not like any other summer I can remember!

5. I am so excited that our family is expanding I always wanted to have a big family bc mine is so small so I am really excited about it getting so big and all these babies!!

6. I am really trying to be good about what I have been eating since I gained 100 lbs with Caroline and 65 with Hunter lol. I lost it all but it was HARD work! I definitely don't want to do that again!

7. Laundry..... lots of it.

8. Been reading a lot of good books! Just finished the Hedge Fund Wives which was great!

9. As you can see I am having a hard time focusing lol.

10. This is going to be a short 12 bc I just can't even focus! The pregnancy hormones have just made me a total dingbat!! 


Julie McNair said...

ahh..you already feel pregnant?!? Too cute! I want to borrow that book..i'll get it this weekend??

Dusty Brown said...

How in the world did you gain 100 lbs??? That IS pretty nuts. LOL!