Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!!

I hope everyone had a great 4th! We had a pretty good one. During the day the hubby and I got a lot done around the house. I seriously cooked all day. I made a flag cake, homemade mac & cheese, grilled potato salad, a corn salad, chocolate chip cookies, deviled eggs, and something else I can't even think bc I swear I am still tried! We went over to my in laws with the whole family and some friends that came also. It was a nice time. Unfortunately it rained though. We got to do some fireworks then it poured down! But we needed that rain really bad so I won't complain to much! 

I have been taking quite a few pictures the last few weeks and have some more sessions coming up. We are taking our trip just the 2 of us this week. I am really excited about that. We don't get to much alone time so I am definitely going to take advantage of that! We are officially trying to get pregnant now. I am getting anxious about it already. I already called my obgyn lol. I would hate to be a Dr of mine! She told me bc I was healthy, we have an very active personal life ;) and bc I was thin ( GOD love her! ) it should only take about 3 months on average. So now I am really stressing myself bc I know its going to jinx me bc she said that! The hubby is laughing at me bc i am taking like 6 different vitamins a day. I hope its soon though. I am really excited about it! So we will see! Baby dust my way please!!!!!

Yesterday Steve Mcnair was killed in Nashville. the hubby is so sad bc he was one of his favorites ever! Pray for his wife and small children that they can somehow find peace in all this mess! 

I am posting a pic of my flag cake. Its messy in the pic but hey I was cooking for 7 hours solid!! And my sweet kiddos who were being very sweet and loving on each other.


Lindsay said...

Those kids are so stinkin adorable!! I can't believe your going for a 3RD!! Good luck!

Ang said...

you did a great job on the cake...........have fun with the hubster :) and you make beatiful babies and we'll see another one very soon :)