Monday, August 3, 2009

Moody monday!

Yes as of right now I am super moody. I just woke up grumpy! I think the 80 times I peed last night must have made me sleepy today! We had a really good weekend. Saturday we went canoeing with my friend Rach and her kids. Caroline had a blast. All the kids did. They were swimming in the water and splashing around. It was so fun. I was bummed when it was over bc I wanted to keep going! I would totally love to buy one and go every weekend!

Caroline walked herself into school today all by herself! I was so proud. She didn't cry or anything. She was so brave!! Hope everyone has a great week!


Rachel said...

Cute!! I need those pics!! Can you email them to me or sumpin please mam?

The Boerner-Thompson Household said...

Yep will do!!