Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday 12

A little late but I didn't get to finish writing it.

1. I am making the best chocolate cake I think I ever had. And the crazy thing is, it has mayo in it. I got it out of Southern Living cookbook magazine I got. My mother in law is a really bad cook and she always puts mayo in her cakes. granted hers aren't ever homemade and are just box cakes plus mayo. YUCK!  I always tease my hubby about this. Well I will never admit that I just did but it was seriously the best. I made chocolate icing and it was the most amazing icing I have ever had. So amazing that I literally just ate a cup of solid icing. 

2. I am working on my sugar addiction. I wake up in the morning and drink my diet coke and some kind of fat free sugary candy and then I get sick. I do it everyday. I have to stop. Its bad. I get all shaky and want to pass out. Not a great way to start your day!

3. we are making a menu every week now so we can stick to our food budget. I love it. It makes my life so much easier! tonight we are having kabobs, grilled potatoes, and corn salad. Plus we are eating better minus the icing. Which I will just put out of site out of mind and pretend I didn't eat.

4. I can't believe Caroline is about to start kindergarten. It has gone by way to fast. I am so sad she will be gone. But its going to be great for her and I could already see changes in her shyness just from 3 weeks of summer camp. I am excited for her to make some new friends and learn all these new exciting things.

5. We put this really cute bookshelf in Hunters room. He loves it. I am already starting to plan his 2nd birthday. I like to plan in advance lol. He has been a huge snacker. He goes to the pantry everyday and says I wannasnack. And he does this about 10 times a day no joke!

6. I am obsessed with getting pregnant. I look at my chart everyday and there is no change lol. In a week or so I can take my 1st test. I know it might not happen this month and it could take a few months but the pressure is intense! lol Only bc I want it so bad and I don't want much more age gap between kids. Caroline is already 5 and a half and hunter is only a year and half. My hubby doesn't really get the whole ovulating thing and kinda thought every time this month I could get pg lol. Goofball! But I know it will happen soon so I am trying not to get antsy!

7. I really want to cut my hair. The hubby hates my hair short and said I am to young to cut my hair all short and get a "style". Its just so hot. And my head gets so sweaty!!

8. I want a new oven. Mine is a couple years old but i want a convection oven. I would love 2 so I can use both at once but no room for 2 lol. I just use mine so much its all worn out looking. 

9. I have been wondering all day when people tell you something over and over are they trying to convince you or themselves????

10. I hate to even go there but I know most of you know C dad is my x. I have to vent. Well just a little! The guy is such a disgusting looser! I have said it before but he has bounced so many checks to me and hasn't paid any of her health insurance or health bills. He has run out of gas with C in the car more than once! He has no home, no car, and really nothing going for him at all. He is 30 and is a loser now and so probably will always be a loser. his mom and dad are deadbeats so I expected him to be one too. And yes I know I heard from most of you what do you see in him he isn't even that cute! Well you were all right! So anyway. 

11. On that note, I really love my hubby. He is the best and he is such a good father and husband. I am really lucky. He improves everyday a little more. Training is going very well with him. ;)

12. I am off to start dinner and to NOT eat chocolate cake. Really. I won't eat any!!

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