Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We are back!

I wish we were still there!! We had a great time at Lake Tansi. Its so relaxing there. We are going to take the kids in a few weeks. Our cabin was right on the water. It was so nice to be alone and have some time for us! I need some more! lol

I can't unglue myself from the Michael Jackson stuff. Its so sad. I cried so hard when his little girl spoke. I hope they can settle something soon for those kids so they can have some peace. 

Caroline starts school in like 2 weeks. I am getting so nervous about it. I have been dreaming about it. I am so used to her being here. :( I feel bad for her bc Hunter has been such a punk pinching her and hitting. And she is so sweet. She never says anything. Its pitiful. I am sure its bad to say but I almost want to tell her to pinch his little butt back! lol They love each other so much but he can definitely be a big ole pest!

Anyway I am going to do some laundry and watch Debbie Rowe on 20/20! Hope everyone is having a great week!!

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Lindsay said...

Awwww we used to go to Tansi EVERY year! My grammy had a condo there and I even had a summa time boyfriend every year...Good Luck droppin C off the first day. I was a mess!