Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Big Girl.....

Today was Caroline's first day of school. She went in like an old pro! I am so glad we went to kindercamp bc she wasn't nervous and scared. She just said I am so tired! lol She isn't used to the early waking. I am just amazed at how much she has grown up. I am getting ready to sign her up for fall activities like tennis, horseback riding, and gymnastics. It seems like just yesterday she was going to her 1st day of MDO

Hunter is going to miss her so much!

So yesterday my other sister in law called me and she is pregnant too! lol We have almost the same due date and we have the same dr and are going to deliver in the same hospital lol! There will be 3 babies all born in a 5 month span in our family! How crazy!! I am excited for the kids to have such a big family and lots of kids their age!

I hope everyone has a good day!! I will post later after I hear about the first day!! :)

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Ang said...

Awe she is precious!! Hope she had a great day!!! Tell her, her birthday buddy says hi :)

And Congrats again on the baby bump!!!