Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday 12

1. I have been a major blog slacker. I have seriously felt like crapola. I am finally feeling better but I hate to jinx it! I could sleep hours all day. I have never in my life been so tired. Pregnancy is kicking my butt.

2. Today is orientation at Hunter's moms day out. I am really sad about it. I want to take it back now! He really needs it thought bc he is such a HUGE mamas boy. He needs interaction with other kids his own age. And the thought of having 4 hours to myself twice a week does sound fabulous.....

3. Caroline is doing great in school. She is reading all kinds of sentences now. I can spell words that I don't want her to hear and now she can sound them out. So I am going to have to learn pig latin or spanish! SHe has been so busy with all her activities. She is loving her swimming.

4. We had a super long weekend and the hubby was home all weekend. Yesterday we went to Ulta and got some new skin care stuff. The hubby would probably kill me but he is pretty into the wrinkle creams and all that. Its pretty cute. He is going out of town all weekend for a guys weekend in the mountains. I am really looking forward to time with the kids just us.

5. We have been looking at houses. There is so much crap out there. No one takes care of their stuff and yards are tiny. We are pretty limited bc we are trying to stay in our school zone.

6. I want a dog. I have caught the hubby looking at dogs online. I am going to secretly talk to him about puppies in his sleep so maybe he will let us get one. I grew up with dogs and the kids want one really bad. Well Caroline does. Hunter is scared of dogs so more reason to get one so he won't be forever scared of dogs!!

7. I am ready for the fall. THe weather keeps teasing us with cool weather then warm.

8. I noticed a a few kids weren't at school today bc of the Obama speech in school. I am just glad Caroline is in kindergarden and I don't have to deal with that stuff this year. Hopefully he will be impeached before she is in 3rd grade! lol

9. I have got to get caught up on my laundry. I really have been lazy. I could crawl into bed right now if I could!! I have been really bad about my domestic duties!!

10. Last week I worked in Caroline's class some. I love her teacher and I love her class. I am so glad thats where she is. Her class is really unlike any other. I can tell she is changing so much. SHe is growing up so fast. She just jumps outta the van every morning and marches right into school like its no big deal. It still tears at my heart.

11. She has a loose tooth. I want to pull it out so bad!!! She already has 2 teeth coming in. But her tooth is so loose it would barely take anything to yank it out.

12. Well I must get ready to take HUnter to his orientation. I hope I don't cry. I am not even leaving him! But the pregnancy hormones are intense!! Hope everyone has a great day!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday 12

1. I haven't posted in forever! The Internet has just not been calling my name as much. The bed has been calling my name! I have been so sleepy all I want to do is rest!

2. I had my first appointment with my dr. She is so great. I love Baptist. I am excited to have another baby there. You couldn't pay me to go somewhere else!! I had an ultrasound at my visit and got to see the little bean moving around. It was sweet. Now my sister in law and I have the exact same due date lol. So there are going to be 2 babies born in the same week probably!

3. I got a letter in the mail yesterday from Hunters new teachers. Now I want to take it back and not send him. He is wild and driving me nuts but he is so sweet and little. But of all kids who need a moms day out he does!! He is a mamas boy big time. He is going to have such a hard time when I go in to have this baby. I am excited for him but really sad he won't be here. Its only 2 days a week for 4 hour hours which is nada but still! He is the baby!

4. Caroline is doing great in school. She knows almost all her states, her continents, her vowels. She is reading like 30 or so words. She is reading whole sentences! It totally blows my mind! I am so proud of her!

5. Yesterday she started swim classes. There is only one other kid in her class so its a lot of 1 on 1 learning. She really liked it! She is going twice a week to that. With all her stuff I swear I am driving like an extra 100 miles a week! Its something almost everyday!

6. This weekend we had a fire in our fire pit and grilled out on it. It was a lot of fun. The kids really liked it.

7. I have been a major slacker around the house. I have barely been doing laundry lol. I had to spend the day catching up. I just don't have the energy to do it!! I think I need a full time maid!

8. Last night at dinner Caroline said you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. I thought that was just great! But I had made homemade meatballs and spaghetti. I made the sauce homemade and everything. She didn't like it. So that's where that comment came from. Of course I ended up making her something else bc I thought it was so sweet.

9. My son has been walking around nonstop with his hand in his diaper. If he can get it off it comes off. He loves his pee pee. He talks about it all day. C never did that kinda stuff sooooo.... yeah. I am left to wonder how I can have 1 child who is pretty calm and obedient and one who is totally wild and crazy and has no fear. Oh and who doesn't listen at all. They are so different! Girls and boys are just so different!

10. They have gotten to be such good buddies its so sweet. Hunter tells me all day sissy school (cool). When we go to pick her up he says yay!!!! They have been playing so well together. She still totally smothers him and tries to baby him which he is not having lol. But they have really been playing. It makes me just smile! :)

11. I can't believe its already September! I am almost out of my first trimaster! Hunter is going to be turning 2. Christmas and all the holidays are coming. I am so ready for the fall!!

12. My friend posted that kids need attention every 4 minutes and I guess my 4 minutes of blogging are up! Hope everyone has a great day!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have had a crummy day. I felt terrible and made it worse by not eating. I was changing Hunter's diaper and the smell hit me and barf!!! He was sweet bc he was standing next to me saying ouch mommy. lol Just not a good day! I swear I haven't been sleeping because I have had crazy dreams of talking kittens and Eric Dane lol. I have my first drs app next week. I can't wait. I am so excited!!

Yesterday we had lunch with Caroline. It was really nice. Her teacher has asked me t work in her class once a week so I am. I love it. I love being around the kids. They are adorable. She had horseback riding yesterday too. She is so brave. I am just totally surprised she has no fear over the horse. I am so proud of her. She has been reading all her words from school. It amazes me how much she has learned in 2 weeks.

Hunter starts MDO Sept 10. I can't believe its time. I want to not send him now! lol But he will do well. He needs it. He is such a bad little pincher and sharer. He needs the interaction. He has been such a mamas boy lately. He isn't the most snuggly sometimes and he has been so snuggly. I love it. I can't believe he isn't going to be the baby anymore. Well he is always my baby lol.

Well I am off to get in bed. I am watching the octomom special. She is certifiably crazy. I feel so bad for her kids. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I could fall asleep right now. I was up off and on all night with Hunter because he has a fever. He woke up once and was wide awake. He was pitiful. He was shaking and on fire! I rocked him so long I fell asleep. I brought him in the bed but he was kicking and talking and saying daddy. lol He seems better today but still has a fever. I could never run around like that if I had a fever!! We are totally out of the loop this week. So unorganized and the house is messy. I hate it. I can't function that way but with me getting sick and then Hunter, can't get much done. He is laying in my lap right now asleep! Poor kiddo!! I am off to snuggle with my burning hot baby!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lots of pictures!!!

Caroline started her horseback riding. She is a total natural. She got right and just naturally did everything right. They didn't even have to lead her on a line bc she figured out how to do everything and rode around on her own. She was right at home there with all the animals. I was so proud of her. She keeps asking if its time for her next lesson. lol I am like once a week kiddo! It was the perfect thing for her to do.

Yesterday I was sick. I got in bed at 8:30 am and pretty much slept off and on until this morning. I feel a lot better. Hunter is sick now. He has a fever and poops. Poor kid! Now my house is a wreck! I can tell I am the only one that cleans around here lol. The hubby made a minute effort in the kitchen last night and said sad I don't know where my the soup goes in my own house. lol Well I say yes it is and I think he should clean more especially bc he is actually pretty good for a guy! lol

The hubby has made Hunter OBSESSED with airplanes. This weekend we went to this mini airport for these massive remote control airplanes that are like 2 grand or something crazy like that. The hubby has some. I was laying on the bed with Hunter early this morning and the hubby said hi to Hunter and the first thing he said was "pane fly". My father in law and all the guys had their planes out this weekend and Hunter was down there like one of the guys. Lovin it! Ok I am off to clean!!! Hope everyone has a great day!

MORE pics!