Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday 12

1. I really, really want to beat my cats. All summer long, almost everyday they bring me a dead mouse or a half alive baby bird. I am embarrassed to say that I have 2 birds in my garage right now in boxes. I am feeding them with the syringe and very watered down wet cat food. 1 of them I am certain will make it, the other is definitely a goner. My cats are on the prowl around the garage. Its really starting to get old. This is the 3rd bird we have housed bc of those cats. Not to count the many live lost. The hubby was in the backyard and birds were like dive bombing him and he didn't get why! Well now you know!

2. Last night I made the best stir fry EVER! I would eat it like everyday. Well once a week. It was nice and healthy and fresh. Then I topped it off with a big whopping piece of my cheesecake I made. 

3. I have been a gym slacker. If I am not on a schedule then I just don't go. I am going today. Really I am!

4. Hunter runs everywhere. I don't think he ever walks. And he is throwing everything. He only likes to be outside. And he thinks Elmo is super funny. He is a total mess and just so fun. And this sounds nasty but seriously his room smells like crap all the time. There's no diaper geenie in there bc I hate those things. I don't want to store poop in a trash can. But it stinks. Always. Even with an air freshner. He is a silly, sweet stinky boy.

5. Caroline starts kindergarten in 3 weeks. I am so sad. She is all grown now! She thinks she is to old! She knows EVERYTHING! She can do it by herself. She is so girly. I got her like $80 in jewelry from Claire's but we had to take t back bc she has sensitive ears so its on a gift card. She is like we need to go bc I really like to wear matching jewelry with my outfits! lol So if you know me then that is funny! Bc I don't really wear jewelry and I am definitely not that girly!! She's a trip. 

6. We are going on a mini vacation next week. Just us. No kids. Scary. Whatever will we do with each other! ;)

7. We are going to get a trampoline and a pool today. One of the redneck pools. lol Caroline loves water and swimming. SO she will be in heaven!

8. Americare is coming here toady to spray bc we found black widows by our pond. The thought of them makes me gag. I hate spiders. I hate critters. I will gladly pay $240 a year to not have to deal with that. Then my sweet hubby tells me how in your life you swallow 8 spiders a year. Thanks hun! I don't want to think about sleeping and my mouth open and a spider walking across my face and into my mouth. That is just sick. 

9. I shouldn't even tell anyone this but yesterday I laid in my backyard in my undies and thats it. I am such a rebel. hehe I was actually scared! but I have a weird farmers tan!

10. So did you know you can have sex to determine the sex of your baby? lol Its called Shettles method. So the hubby has to drink coffee, I must have the big O, it has to be right at ovulation and during. There are boards and websites dedicated to this stuff! I would like to have another boy but will be happy with whatever God gives me. I just want a healthy baby.

11. I bought more flowers yesterday. I have an addiction. I must stop. Its really dorky.

12. I am off to water and feed my stupid baby birds!!!

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