Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last night we had so much fun at Julie's wedding. i did the pics so I got SUPER sweaty! I have like 2000 pictures to edit. But we had an awesome time. It was nice to be around family and friends we feel like are family. We went out for a little bit after the wedding but the hubby had to get up early bc he went golfing. Better him than me! I slept in sort of late for me! 

So we have decided to make a new addition to our family. So hopefully soon there will be another little Thompson on the way! Caroline wants a baby that doesn't pinch. lol She is out of her camps for the summer so we are just hanging out and relaxing. I would like to plan some little day trips for us all. I can't believe she will be in kindergarten in like 3 weeks. Hunter is going to miss her so bad! He always says I want my sissy. 

Well I am off to go chill with the hubby! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Me and jules

The Thompsons (Amanda and Nathan and their bun in the oven and Scotty and I 
The smokin hot hubby and I
Cathy and I
My babies being sweet 

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Scott Family said...

Good times!

Congrats on expanding the family soon!