Monday, June 8, 2009

Holy Burnt!!!

Yesterday we got our little pool out and all the bike and our big ball sprinkler for the kids. I was laying out with my sunscreen on and I guess bc I haven't gotten sun all year and with the kids rubbing up against me it wiped some of it off. I have big splotches off burnt areas. It hurts! I made the hubby put aloe on me last night. But the kids had so much fun. THey  played outside all day long. They were pooped at bedtime. 8pm didn't come fast enough for them! lol

My cousin is still here. Caroline loves her being here because she will sit there and watch her change into princes dress after princess dress. She had her sitting in her room listening to her sing some song she made up lol. 

I went to the best bridal shower Saturday for my very dear friend Julie. It was so sweet and I absolutely love her family. Her mom and I do zumba together and I am good friends with her and her older sister. I love them. I am so excited to shoot her wedding for her! 

Well we are off to zumba and to the park! Hope everyone has a great day!!

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