Monday, June 1, 2009

My kindergarten camper!

Today was Caroline's first day of her kindergarten readiness camp. I was so sad to see her go. I am a big baby. When I picked her up her teacher stopped me to tell me that she was a teachers dream and was the most advanced in her class. She said she was definitely ready for kindergarten and she was so polite and had the best manners. My first thought was who my child????? lol This morning she laid on her floor screaming and crying bc she was so tired. It was a glimpse into the teenage years for sure! But I was so proud of her and proud of myself bc her teacher said my husband and I had a done a wonderful job. I take ALL the credit myself!!! I am excited for her. She is very excited after going and can't wait to go again!

This weekend we worked our butts off. Scotty really worked hard. We got 3/4 of the flagstone around our patio. I thought it was easy but we were out at dark with a spot light piecing it together like a puzzle. It was a ton of work!! We are going to work tonight after the kids go to bed. Hopefully we will finish tonight! Caroline wants to have a slumber party and have a fire and roast weenies and mallows. We went to South Branch yesterday and the hubby bought me another hydranaga. I can't stop buying them! lol We went all over and got new flowers to hang in our baskets on the front the back were already done. 

Well my pics are in order backwards but there is some of our work. We are planning a quick getaway next week I think just the 2 of us. We are going to a golf resort. I am very excited. We don't get much alone time with 2 kids so this is exciting for us! We are still looking for a beach house for this summer so if anyone knows of any great ones let me know!! I am going to enjoy a few moments of quiet time. I say that then I know I am going to get up and go do something lol! Hope everyone has a great day!!

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Lindsay said...

C looks adorable in her li dress! Loooove the firepit! Good to se you the other day