Friday, June 5, 2009


SOOO glad its Friday! We have had to getup really early for Caroline's new kindercamp and I am not used to getting up THAT early lol. Its been really nice though bc I hit the gym and then get all my stuff done early. But I am definitely missing my sleep! My cousin is in town this weekend which is very nice. I am crossing my fingers that she moves to Nashville! Tonight we went and got Mexican. Its nice to see her. It reminds me of growing up. My moms family is from Louisville and seeing her reminds me of our weekend trips to Louisville riding in the back of my moms station wagon with wood grain on the sides lol. Listening to the stone,the beatles, mamas and papas, janis joplin hence my wonderful taste in music as an adult lol. My granny who I loved so much and think of all the time lived in this little house and she collected buttons and did a lot of puzzles. She read all the time. Probably why I like to read so much and read a couple books a week lol. She was so amazing. She had 3 sisters and they all lived close and we all got together all the time. Louisville always feel like home to me. Being with my cousin always brings back a flood of good memories and love. 

I am going to drag my butt to bed and read and hopefully fall asleep early! I am going to post my new wedding rings. Excuse the bad pic. I took them with my little point and shoot camera.  I love them. my husband rocks sometimes lol! Excuse the bad pic. I took them with my little point and shoot camera and had to turn the flash off. And my ugly man hands. Its not my fault I blame the yard work lol. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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