Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday 12

1. Cleaning ladies aren't worth it. I hired my first cleaning lady to help me out so I can work outside more and have more time with the kids. Well all she did was move dust around and vacuum. So I spent 2 hours cleaning after she left. I left a list of things to be cleaned but she said they were already clean. So no maid for me. 

2. We JUST got in the house from working in the dark with a spotlight on our pond. I really thought at one point I might reach up and choke the hubby but we are finally almost finished. No more projects like that for awhile. I need a break!

3. Hunter has massive chompers coming in the back. He is wild. Truly wild. I walked around the side of my van and he was holding the cat upside down. I don't know what I am going to do with him. lol

4. Caroline is almost done with her kinder camp. She loves her teacher. This has been the best experience. I am so proud of how well she has done. She is my big girl. She walked out the door the other day with her backpack on and her hair in these barrettes and I really almost cried. Is going by to fast.

5. Today we had a massive storm and I totally freaked. I am probably not the best person to call in the middle of a crisis. We drove to mother in laws and my mom was following me probably laughing bc I was driving like a crazy woman yelling at the old man in front of me to speed the hell up! lol We have just had so much bad weather here and my neighborhood lost so many homes to the good Friday tornado I am just scared!

6. My mother in law for as much as she can get on my nerves we have a lot in common. I hope I am not that annoying. I also hope she doesn't read my blog! lol I love her though. She has taught me a lot about landscaping.

7. My mom is also annoying and I know she reads my blog! just kidding mom!! You rock. I have to give my mom big props bc she had surgery 4 weeks ago and has been a trouper. She has been so much fun and so silly! The hubby gets mad we talk all the time but she so down to earth and smart! 

8. I need a new washer. Mine is 2 years old and is a lemon. And for what I paid for it, it really pisses me off!

9. I am really looking forward to the 4th. My whole family and friends are getting together for food and fireworks. Its always so much fun.

10. I am also praying for my brother and asking people to pray for him. He really needs it. 

11. I am so sore I can barely sit here. My husband just asked me for a massage but I think I deserve it more.

12. I am going to bed!!!!!!!

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