Wednesday, June 3, 2009


yes I am. My husband has really been spoiling me and somehow I talked him into getting me a new wedding ring lol. I will post pics tomorrow when I get it! I love my hubby. He is the best! I am a lucky girl! And spoiled!!!

Hunter got a haircut yesterday. Its very cute I will post some pics of him. HE WAS AWFUL while getting it cut. It was just downright embarrassing! He is such a mess! He is the sweetest/biggest pain ever! lol I swear he says mommy 200 times a day and that's being nice about it! He says it over and over and over! He pinches and love slaps. He drools on me. He head butts me. Tonight I can even say he got poop on me. But he is a mamas boy. And just seeing his little face makes me smile! He is so happy and just so affectionate and sweet. HE definitely has the key to my heart!

My friends Justin and Rachel had their baby last night. Caroline is in love. We went and she held him and that is all she has talked about all day. Its amazing to me that someone so little can be so maternal and loving. I was definitely not that way when I was 5. She is so gentle and kind and loving. I am so proud of her. She is just getting to big to fast. And she is a big shopper. We went to Gymboree for the 2nd time this week and she knew exactly what to do. She walked right up to a rack and was looking for her size and picking all her own stuff out. Spoiled. I don't have any idea where she gets it!!!  Hope you all had a great day!!! Will post some pics tomorrow! Nite!!!

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