Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gettin nice out!!!

I am so glad the weather is starting to warm up! Its so nice out. The hubby and I have started some new projects lol. We are building a flagstone patio around the fire pit we built this fall. Our pond in the front we are ripping out this weekend and adding something bigger and a lot deeper. I am really excited because I can get more fish. I am doing the digging unfortunately lol. I don't mind. I really enjoy my outdoor work. 

Tuesday was our 2nd anniversary. :) I surprised the hubby with filets and a really nice dinner. My in laws kept the kids so we could have some nice alone time. And it was very nice. I sometimes thought the first year we would never make it lol. There were so many huge adjustments and differences. But here we are now and its so sweet. I am so blessed and so freaking lucky. I never thought I would have the life I do now. And I never thought I would love someone as much as I love my hubby. Despite the fact that he has many bad habits and I am perfect hehe

Caroline is starting her kinder camp soon. She is very excited and nervous. I can't believe its almost over and she is gone. I can barely talk about it without getting emotional. I am excited for her though. Hunter is well a mess lol. he is into everything. He is a mini landscaper walking around with his mower and shovel and the hose. Its the cutest thing ever. Oh and we are having a nephew. He is nameless for now but we are all excited!! Well I am off to get my butt outside!! 


Lindsay said...

Your firepit sounds just perfect for me!

Dusty Brown said...

What is kindergarten camp? Just curious!