Sunday, December 28, 2008

Savy Shopper

I got some great deals today shopping! I hate to shop so I was proud! I am in the market for a new coat but I couldn't find one. I have worn northface coats since I was a kid and now everyone wears them so I want something different. Any ideas let me know!! Last night Scotty and I went out to eat to get Mexican. Shocker. He is so over Mexican but its my all time favorite. I can't help it!! And yummy margaritas! Who can resist! We went to a bday party for my sister in law at their house. It was a ton of fun. We didn't get home til 3! Hunter for the first time ever spent the night with my in laws. I didn't nurse from like 4 on til noon and I woke up at 7 in pain. I didn't realize ho much I obviously nurse lol. I am still a little sore! BUt we ahd a really good time. It was nice to have an adult night! I felt really old when we pulled up at Crystals at 230 in our minivan lol.
Hunter has been cracking me up this weekend. Every time that he toots or burps, he laughs. He thinks its the funniest thing ever. He has been throwing everything. We have a nice dent outside his door on the hardwood bc he is always throwing stuff! Earlier he was in Caroline's room and she went HUNNNNTTTEERRRRRRRRRRRR stop that! I said what is he doing and she said he is just getting on my nerves! LOL It was so funny! BUt they play so well together and are always hugging and kissing and laughing so I can't really complain. She is very sweet with him. She tries to be his little mommy.
I finished my Twilight series books. All 4 of them. They are the best books I have ever read. I read them in like 4 days lol. I couldn't put them down. I can't wait to get in a hot bath tonight and start my new book I got for Christmas, The Host. I am so sleepy! Christmas is exhausting and the work before it and after have drained me!! I am off to go soak in the tub and relax! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Dusty Brown: said...

I am sooo addicted to the Twilight saga. I am on page 372 of breaking Dawn, and I am really sad that there isn't another one waiting on me!!

The Boerner-Thompson Household said...

I know I can't put them down! I just started a new series so I will let you know if they are as worthy of reading! lol