Friday, December 5, 2008

Hanging out

We just got home from Chick Fila. Caroline has her best bud over. They are so loud I think my ears might explode. I am about to head to the gym in a few thankfully! lol We went and saw Scotty at work after Chick fila and the kids were running crazy wild in there. They are gonna make cookies tonight and watch a movie. C and Z are so good together and they play so well. They never argue and are so sweet to each other. I hope it always stays that way. From the baby moniter I hear Z telling C he loves her. So sweet. We did Caroline's part of the application process for Discovery School. She had to write her name, all the letters in the alphabet, numbers 1-10, and draw a picture of herself. She flew through that. I think we have a good chance at getting in. Regardless I plan on being at her school in kindergarden as much as possible. I am going to volunteer to be room mother and read to the kids weekly. Plus do the PTO. I just hate she will be gone next year it makes me sick to think about it. I want to homeschool just to keep her home longer lol. Then Hunter will start the same year at his mdo that Caroline goes too. What will I do alone for 2 days a week? I will actually enjoy some alone time bc I don't ever get any but I will miss them being here. I love the noise of them. It feel more like home when they are all around being loud. But alone time will be nice. I am always shuttling someone here and there and cooking and cleaning and taking care of someone and doing laundry and trying to edit pictures. It will be a nice time for me to work on my photography too. I am about to buy a 5D and keep my other for backup. Anyway. I am looking forward to the weekend. We have a ton of stuff planned and tonight Scotty and I are going to have some "romantic" time. hehe I am definitely glad HUnter is getting older. I though when he was about 15 months we would try for another baby but uh yeah no lol. Funny how a year and freedom can change that! We are going to wait a little longer. I am having to much fun being a grown up and being able to go again bc I like that we are always on the go. But I am definitely not ready anymore. So thats on hold. Well anyway I am going to go get ready adn drag myself to the gym! Have a great weekend! 

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Marymont Springs said...

Big hugs........our babies are off to least you got a spare at home :)