Thursday, December 11, 2008

Did I really

Just get 8 hours of sleep? I usually sleep 4 or 5. I feel great. I am definitely going to force myself t go to bed early more often! We went to eat with my brother in law for his birthday last night. The whole gang was there. I never got to eat literally because Hunter was so tired and fussy. But Caroline had a blast. She thought that the bags of bread they had were party bags for my brother in law lol. We did a little shopping yesterday and I went to MAC makeup and took back my powder they gave me that was the wrong color. I love MAC. Its awesome! Its so awful out we are all just hanging out here today and watching movies and just kickin it! Hunter and Caroline have been super sweet lately. Just getting a lot closer. This morning he was up first and we went into her room and he was laying on the bed with her and kept hugging her and kissing her. She of course was laying there sleeping the whole time. If you know C she loves to sleep. lol But all day since they have been up they have been laying together and snuggling and hugging. And as I write this I hear a crash and Caroline say Hunter noooo uggggghhhh! lol So much for the sweetness. Ok I m off here to go lay around with the kids. 

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Dusty Brown: said...

I know exactly what you mean! I feel so much better when i go to sleep at a decent hour...but night after night, I stay up way too late!