Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Parade!

We went to the Christmas parade in Smyrna today. We had a lot of fun. We parked my van on the road and had the wagon. It was really cold though!! Our cookie's we made last night turned out to be a cooking MESS! I kinda let Caroline do her own thing and I just stood there and supervised bc she seemed to think she could do it best so she cut the cookies and everything all by herself. i assisted some but she wanted to do it alone. My kitchen was so trashed it took me an hour to clean up! We made them from my grandmothers recipe and then I made homeade buttercream icing which I got from a local bakery and it was AMAZING!! Last night we worked on Caroline's flash cards. She knew almost all of them. I am really proud her. We have been working really hard on her reading and spelling. Hunter on the other hand is still my wild man. He is just constantly walking around looking for something to get into. He is saying a few more words. He is so sweet and cuddly. Both my kids are that way. They can snuggle for forever!! The weekend was pretty uneventful. The kids and I just ran around yesterday and watched a movie last night. Tomorrow we are going to the bounce place. We are always on the go! I love it! Anyway! I am going to go curl up and finish my newest book! Stay warm!! 

Oh and can I just say the Titans win again! And the Giants lost! hehe!

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