Friday, December 19, 2008


Its so nice outside! We got up and it was rainy and windy. We went to ihop to breakfast and it was ugly. When we walked out it was warm and windy! It's like spring! I love it! I opened all the windows from some fresh air and we have been playing outside! My mom and I are getting ready to take the kids to the movies. I need to finish up some last minute christmas shopping. I am almost done. I don't know why I have spent so much money, we bought the pottery barn kitchen stuff and a wii and little stuff like baby that C wanted and toys etc but all Caroline has been talking out is a baby that pees. lol
I went to the gym today and the kids were in the nursery and when I came in the said Hunter had been pulling hair and running wild lol. I was like sorry! It amazes me how different he and Caroline are. She is so quiet and calm and mild mannered. And he is SO loud, well I take that back, they are both SUPER loud, but he is loud and wild. he throws stuff all the time, and pinches and acts like a total boy. But they are sooo sweet together. They are all hugs and kisses. But if anyone else, kid wise touches Hunter he gets mad. But he loves all over her. He is a full time workout. I really don't need to go the gym! lol We have been trying to do our christmas cards for over a week now but Hunter wants no part and every time we sit him down he throws his body down and screams and yells. I have like 200 crying pictures lol. They are HILARIOUS! So last night my very best guy friend Don came and redid their pics. We have done some shoots together. He is awesome! So hopefully I will be able to mail some cards out soon! lol Well I am off to get ready to go to the movies. I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day!

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Lindsay said...

Ohh that is hilarious! Poor C! She looks so over it!