Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Night!!!

I am so exicted for christmas tomorrow! I can't wait until Caroline gets home. I have literally been wrapping for 3 days now! My entire living room is full of presents stacked on top of each other! I was really bad this year! haha! I just love to see the kids open stuff and be excited. Its a gift in itself! We got a beef tenderlion and shrimp from Tagz to make. Scotty and I are going to get up early and do out christmas for each other then make breakfast. We are having brunch with my inlaws and brother in laws. After that Scotty's is going home to set everything up and the lights and the music while I get C. I am siked! The fam is coming to watch the kids open their presents. I just love the holidays and being with my family and hanging out. Its my favorite time of year! I am going to go back to wrapping! I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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