Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas countdown

We got our tree up the day after thanksgiving. It looks great. We did all our outside decorations but we want to add to it and buy some more stuff! I have so much christmas shopping to do! I have a couple weddings coming up. I am really excited for that. The kids have all been kinda sick. Hunter has an awful cough he can't let go. He is so crazy wild. I seriously have to chase after him all day long. He is into everything. Caroline was so good and sweet and calm and easily content. I could sit her down and she would just stay put. But not Hunter. He is ready! lol Caroline is hopefully soon going to be having an interview with the Discovery school so fingers crossed. She has really advanced in her learning and she wants to learn which I think is really cool. She is the one to bring me the flash cards. I love it. Not much to report right now! I am off to bed so I can get my butt to the gym on time!! Night!

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Lindsay said...

YEEAA!! Good luck at the Discovery School! And Brynn is the same way...ready to go!