Friday, January 16, 2009

To move or not to move

It is so freaking cold! I have my heat on 75 which I know is really high but I get really cold! I don't even want to go anywhere bc its so cold. The kids are finally feeling better. Hunter is still not in perfect health but way better. We have been throwing around the idea of moving sooner than we have planned. I really want to then I really don't want too. We are doing some redecorating inside and added some new crown molding and a case molding in the kitchen and living room entrance. we have look around but haven't found anything perfect. We talked about holding out and buying my in laws place which is amazing and where we got married so that would be kinda sweet. Its got a huge yard and its got so much room so  it would be perfect for us. But then we would have to wait 2 years. We are talking about finishing the upstairs but that's a lot of work. We have a nice setup and we have a lot of amenities like our backyard and those of you who have been here know its pimp lol. We are gonna add a fan on the covered porch and a tv this spring and we have the fire pit and all that. I don't know. We will see. Its a great time to buy right now there just isn't anything perfect yet that I am in love with. 

We are going out to eat tonight. I can't wait. I have been couped up for a week now! Actually over a week! So I am excited to have a little grown up time. We are painting this weekend, well Scotty is lol. I have a session on Sunday. I am excited for that. I have a lot of new stuff coming up. I need to set up a website but I have been very lazy about that! My best friend and I were talking today about turning 30 we are 3 days apart. But how at 30 its hard to get older but at the same time you know yourself so much better than you did when you hit 20. But as you pass these "age brackets" you think to yourself all the things you wish you had or thought you would have completed at that point in your life. I will say for the most part I am really happy with a lot of the things that i have completed but I thought I would have my degree. Its the one thing that really bugs me. I was never really ready for it any sooner. I started a lot and never finished. It wasn't something that was as important to me. This fall hunter starts his moms day out so I think that when he does I am going to start taking a few classes. I am not totally certain what I want my degree to be in but I have narrowed it down. Its not like I am going to be using it right now but I would like to have that. There are some little things that I am starting to add to my list like trips I want to take. I want to go to Tahiti. I would like to go to Europe. So I am making a new list of things I would like to accomplish. Its kind of exciting. But anywhooooo. I am going to start beautifying myself and my little candy monster is standing here pulling my shirt. Those of you who know me know I LOVE smarties and Hunter is now addicted. Great!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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TJLoop85 said...

I think doing some small renovations to your current home, in terms of installing crown molding and painting will be a great way to keep you occupied.

Since you like your in-laws house so much and you haven't found another home you like as much, wait two years and buy it. You will definitely be glad you didn't jump into a place you didn't love.