Wednesday, January 14, 2009

House of Sick

Caroline woke me up at 4 something and said her bed was wet. So I went in there and there was this clump thing of throw up. It looked like cat food so I threw the cat out in the garage and changed the sheets and laid down with her for awhile. After Scotty left for work this morning I usually get up and tuck the kids back in their blankets and turn the alarm back on. Sometimes I move the kids both in my bed to all sleep together. Well I went into Carolines room and look at her bed and she isn't in it which made my heart drop into my stomach. She was laying on the floor by the door on a blanket. She had thrown up in her bed and on the floor and on the blanket she was on. I got her up and cleaned her up put her in my bed. We slept for about an hour and then she was throwing up in the bed. she started to throw up and I don't know what I was thinking but I caught it in my hands. it was really gross. lol True love is what that is! I have gone through 4 sets of sheets and 2 blankets. I have been doing laundry for 3 hours now. lol And a hole roll of tp. Hunter is on the mend but I guess he s gonna get this stomach virus too. I have  been lucky all winter and the kids haven't been sick but now they are. So we are homebound again. I was hoping we could get out today bc I am going stircrazy. We are usually on the go everyday. We are rarely home during the day except for nap time. So this is no fun. i hope C gets better soon. She is pitiful. I am off to go lay in bed again with the kids and watch more cartoons. 

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