Monday, January 12, 2009

My poor baby

Hunter is so sick! He has pneumonia. He has been really sick. He is starting to get better slowly. He has never been sick so this has been really hard. He has been sleeping a lot and just laying around but today he is starting to play a little. He has had  2 doses of antibiotics so I think he will be better in a few days. Caroline had her test for DS on Saturday. She did well on it I guess bc she has been called back for another interview. They made cuts so we will see. I have been praying really hard about it. Scotty got her in ipod which she asked for for Christmas and I loaded it up full of songs last night. lol She just thinks she is to cool. Its very sweet. Well I am going to get off here and snuggle with Hunter. He is starting to get fussy again poor baby! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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