Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday 12

1. My child is walking herself into school all by herself now! I am so proud of her. Last night while I was painting her nails she told me all her continents. Um, I didn't know all mine lol. She is already learning all her reading words. She is just so the ball. I am so proud of her!

2. I am headed to spin this morning. I haven't gone to the gym since we started trying to get pg in June. So I am going back. I feel like a big lug!

3. Hunter needs to go to school! He needs some major discipline from someone other than me! He is such a bad pincher. And it hurts! I say no and he just acts like I said nothing at all! Punk! But when he says my name in that sweet sing songy voice I love it!

4. Yesterday Scotty took both the kids alone to fly his airplane. They had a lot of fun but I will admit I worried! I am such a control freak but I am working on it!

5. I am so ready to paint my bedroom and put in new carpet! Its old and I hate the color of my room. its so boring! We really need to figure out what we are going to room wide for this baby! Either add on or move. I have no idea what I want to do bc I actually love our house and we have worked hard doing all our projects. So I am at a loss.

6. I might have eaten 3 pancakes from Mcds this morning. They fell into my mouth.

7. I have been napping almost everyday. I have been so sleepy! I could fall asleep right now if I could!!

8. Thinking about going to ATL with the kids adn then to see my grampa maybe next weekend.

9. WEnt to spin today. The month and a half I didn't go definitely not in as good of shape but not that bad. I was paranoid the whole time being pg lol.

10. Caroline's teacher called me today and told me she was a real jewel and how well she is doing. I was very proud. Her teacher definitely rocks!

11. C has a holiday Friday and no school so we are going to the drive in Friday night! I can't wait!!

12. Since I can fall asleep now I am going too!!!

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