Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lots of pictures!!!

Caroline started her horseback riding. She is a total natural. She got right and just naturally did everything right. They didn't even have to lead her on a line bc she figured out how to do everything and rode around on her own. She was right at home there with all the animals. I was so proud of her. She keeps asking if its time for her next lesson. lol I am like once a week kiddo! It was the perfect thing for her to do.

Yesterday I was sick. I got in bed at 8:30 am and pretty much slept off and on until this morning. I feel a lot better. Hunter is sick now. He has a fever and poops. Poor kid! Now my house is a wreck! I can tell I am the only one that cleans around here lol. The hubby made a minute effort in the kitchen last night and said sad I don't know where my the soup goes in my own house. lol Well I say yes it is and I think he should clean more especially bc he is actually pretty good for a guy! lol

The hubby has made Hunter OBSESSED with airplanes. This weekend we went to this mini airport for these massive remote control airplanes that are like 2 grand or something crazy like that. The hubby has some. I was laying on the bed with Hunter early this morning and the hubby said hi to Hunter and the first thing he said was "pane fly". My father in law and all the guys had their planes out this weekend and Hunter was down there like one of the guys. Lovin it! Ok I am off to clean!!! Hope everyone has a great day!

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