Friday, August 29, 2008

So not cool....

I am so not cool anymore. Not that I ever was cool before but now I am officially uncool! I was in my car, my van actually, rocking out. I was playing invisible drums on my steering wheel and even did a little guitar and headbanging but gentle headbanging bc I am older now and it makes me dizzy. See I am uncool. Hunter is in the back talkin away. Life is good. I look over and there are 3 high school girls in some sporty little coupe. They were looking at me and when I looked over they busted out laughing as did I. lol Thats something my mom would do, be that dorky. So I am officially not cool. But I think I am cool and right now my kids think I am the coolest so I am cool! ;)
We are almost done with the floors. We have to finish the doors entrances. We are strting the baseboards to paint. I cant wait to get that ugly color off the wall. We are going to scan Realtracs tonight and just take a peek. Maybe.... I wish.....but I know I will have to wait a year. I am so ready for it to be fall. I am ready for football and fires and Halloween and jeans and all that excitement I feel when fall starts. I love fall. C baby starts school next week. I am ready so I can workout when she is in school.
I am going to have to start doing some stuff for myself this fall. I am feeling a little burnt out or just not myself in some ways bc I have done nothing to focus on me really. Its so easy to be a mom and forget about yourself. And no one will even notice. I definitely need some me time. I really want to work on finding a church for our family this fall. I have 2 in mind. I really want my family to have that and myself. I am a better person when I make my decisions "god" based. I feel much more secure and safe when i feel like God is beside me and in my heart.
I am going to go lay my baby in the bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful night. xoxoxo

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Ang said...

You are cracking me up girlie! We are still cool just not in a way people normally see cool LOL

can't wait to see the floors!