Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Have a little patience

I have heard "Mommy" about 50 times and its not even 10. Mommy I need water, mommy I need breakfast, mommy I need candy, mommy I need a vitamin, mommy I need to go somewhere, mommy Hunter pulled my hair lol, mommy mommy mommy. A name I love though. I have in the past been inpatient at times and gotten frustrated. Who doesn't at times? But I am remembering to have patience bc God has had so much patience with me. He loves me regardless of what kind of mood I am in, how I am acting, when I am ungrateful and bratty. Sometimes I just think us "housewives" or SAHM are taken for granted. No one sees the behind the scenes work that we do. I know some days I am just lucky to brush my teeth, like yesterday bc Hunter felt bad and he had a tooth come through! But no one sees the tears we wipe away, the knees we kiss, the time we spend snuggling just bc they need it, the time we spend playing beauty which is kind of boring lol. No one sees the MILLION loads of laundry or the 3 loads of dishes we did, or the 8 times we get up in the night. But its all worth it. I love being a mom. I love being a mo to my kids. I think they are fascinating people. I am amazed by their curiosity and their totally, completely unconditional love. I in awe and their complete trust in anything I do. I love being needed and loved that way. Jesus called upon us and wanted us to be like children. And it makes perfect sense to me. They are totally trusting, forgiving, kind, loving and unconditional love at that. You can buy them a pack of gum and they are thankful. I want to be like that. I want my kids to be the best versions of THEMSELVES that they can be. I hope they stay as close to the way they are now. I am sure they won't in teenage years. lol But I hope that they feel safe at home and trust in God and tell me everything lol and it will turn out the way that its supposed to be.
We are going to meet a friend today for lunch. I am glad to get out of the house. I am stir crazy! Hunter has a low grade fever but I think some fresh air will do us all some good. He won't be playing anyway. He just eats lol. The kid packed away 5 chicken nuggets and fruit last time we went. And he has no teeth, well he has one that just came through. Tonight I have got to work on some editing. I have gotten behind with everyone being sick and this weekend it going to be CRAZY! We are getting hardwood. And Scotty is putting it down himself lol. Yeah, good luck with that I am sure you are all saying. And for those of you who know my super anal, OCD husband, I know you all feel sorry for me! LOL I just am stressed about it bc its such a big project and well my hubby is a serious perfectionist so I am just hoping it goes over well and doesn't take a month. We are fixing up the house with new paint and some new furniture. We need some color up in here! I have never decorated since I have lived here so it needs some color and womanly touch. BIG TIME! So pray for us! And pray for my sanity while its going on! I hope everyone has a blessed day and remembers to have patience as hard as it is to have! Maybe I will write later if I have time! :)


Lindsay said...

Good Luck with all that! Had a blast today. Next time we'll have to add Logan to the mix.

The Boerner-Thompson Household said...

We did too! Lets for sure do it again soon! Maybe we can get together in a weekend.