Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fever and Teeth!

I am about to fall in the floor due to exhaustion. Hunter has gotten 2 teeth and also has a fever from Caroline who had a virus! He literally screamed every hour on the hour. It really scared me well one bc I am a freak out by nature and two bc this child never screams. He is the happiest baby ever! We went to the dr this morning and he was totally fine. We were in the room about 20 minutes and all of sudden he started screaming and its a new scream I have never heard before. The dr came in and he wouldn't stop. I probably looked like unfit mommy of the year! But seriosuly he wouldn't stop screaming. It was awful and embarassing! lol We left he was fine. We came home and he is acting like nothing happened! His fever is back up though. Poor baby. He has never been sick before. Caroline is all better completely though. She is about to start school soon. We are starting to work on her letters and writing. She loves it. She wants to read so bad she can't stand it. I want to try to get her into some private schools or one of the magent schools and see what happens. I think she is smart enough well most times. Defintely not last night when I walked in her room and she was laying upside down, watching a movie, picking her nose and told me that boogers smell funny lol. I think it might of been her finger that did lol.
We are about to lay the hardwood this weekend. Its in the kitchen now. I am def stressing it! We are ripping the carpet up tonight. So anyway. I hope everyone has a blessed day. I will try and post some later!


Ang said...

Wow girl! Sounds like you have been busy!!!

We just a few weeks ago ripped up our carpet and redid our floors not fun at all LOL

Do post those pics to show us how they turn out!!

The Boerner-Thompson Household said...

Really? Were you as crazy as us and did it yourself?