Monday, August 18, 2008

New Blogitty Blog Blog

I had another blog but I started a new one. Hopefully I will be better about posting on this one. lol Last night I went to bed with a 102 fever out of no where. I feel way better this morning. I wanted them to put me down last night lol. I felt awful. The kids are doing great. Hunter has finally gotten a tooth. Its broke through the skin this weekend. I am already planning his 1st birthday bash. We are doing here since we will have new hardwood and paint and some new furniture. Its gonna be a football partay! Caroline is about to start school. I am already starting to dread this is her last year of preschool before kinder garden. We have had such a fun summer I hate for it to end. I guess I started a new blog bc I am entering a new, well not new just revisiting a different chapter in my life. After my friend Jenna passed away last summer I got to a point where I wasn't sure if God existed and I had so many questions. I had lost a lot of faith. I couldn't understand how God could take a 34 yr old woman who was pregnant from her 3 children and her husband. And sometimes I still don't understand. I try to believe that it really is for a purpose that is bigger than us. Last week, this beautiful amazing girl I know, Kate lost her father in a tragic accident. Kelli, the OTHER Kelli for my husband that might read this. It was a beautiful service at the BIG Methodist church. But more than that it was the most moving service I have ever been too. Watching this family and their love and commitment to each other and God was truly inspiring. I wanted to be like that family!They were so certain that their husband, father, son, brother, was with God. A man gave a speech there about how we see God and where we see God in our lives. When I left there I realized that I saw God in the Benson family. Yes it was a very sad accident but through that it brought many of closer to God. Its the most inspired I have been in years. We are looking for a new church for our family, as a family. We want a church with a lot of young people and children obviously. We have it narrowed down to 2. I realize I am so blessed. I have a nice house, my husband has a good job, I have 2 BEAUTIFUL wonderful children, I have good friends and family. But God hasn't really fit into it all until now. Not for a long time. And I realized that God is big enough to handle my questions. Big enough to handle my doubt. And big enough to accept me back into his arms. I am so excited for our new journey.
So on a diff rent note, I had a baby session with Peyton yesterday. He is adorable with his rock star hair! We are finishing the session hopefully today. I got some SWEET shots. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I am going to kick it with the kiddos! :)


Kelli said...

Beautifully written!!!!
We don't always understand why things happen but sometimes it's easy to see what God wants us to take from it!!!

Ang said...

Welcome back to bloggin girl....been there done that and still going thru it but God has a plan for us all no matter how much we dont' understand it

Can't wait to get addicted to your blog!!! Keep 'em coming!

Lindsay said...

Love, Love, Love your page! Where did you find that adorable bird for the header? Where are you guys thinking about going to church?

The Boerner-Thompson Household said...

Thanks guys! Lindsay we are going to look at Northside Baptist and Light house Baptist. They have a ton of young people and kids. Do you guys attend anywhere?