Thursday, September 4, 2008

Busy busy!

Haven't posted in awhile. Its been crazy around here! WE have our floors down we just have 2 doorways to do. Every time I clean there seems to be MORE dust. Its annoying. I stayed up til 1 cleaning. I am pooped today bc I got up at 645 not to mention the oh 4 times I got up with Hunter who is old enough to be sleeping through the night and the 1 time I got up with Caroline. But I do like my little quiet times with them at night. I love snuggling up to them and smelling them. They smell like lavender and fabric softener lol. I seriously have the most snugly kids ever.
Caroline started school Tuesday. She has a great class. She was nervous for me to leave. She got teary eyed. I did too lol. This is her 4th year and I still get sad. I dread kindergarten. But she was so cute coming out after school. They do a pick up line and she had her backpack on and was smiling. It really jerked my heart! :) Its been nice to have some alone time with Hunter and some quiet around the house bc he is NAPPING!! We are going to go for a walk when he gets up. Yesterday they were wild! We had been at my in laws the night before and they got really wild there and it continued into the next day. Hunter crawled up the babygate and was standing in the middle of it. Thank goodness Caroline was there to call for me. Guess the gate is pointless. Then he stood in his high chair. We have to get a new one bc it doesnt have a seatbelt. And somehow he set the sirens off on the alarm lol. He was messing with the window and it went off. He was terrified.
We are thinking about going to Disney with Scotty next week. I think we are going to go. Its super expensive! But I really want to go and we have a chance to have a free hotel in the park bc Scotty has to go for work. So I think we are going to go. Why not!
I hope everyone has a great day! I think I am going to catch some Zsss before Hunter wakes up!


Ang said...

go go go girlie! We went a few years ago and half free because Rod had a training it was so worth it!!!

Ang said...

Update please!!

You have been tagged check out my blog :)

*amy* said...

hey girl! i've just stumbled across your blog...prolly from angie's! LOL