Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dusty, messy house!

We are still finishing up the floors. They are all down but we have a closet to do and the entrances to the door. my bf Kelly's dad is helping us get that part done. There is no furniture and saw dust everywhere and the kids are worn out. Its been super loud here. I am definitely tense and ready for it to be over. I am proud of Scotty for doing such a great job though. He has never done it and I am impressed. WE have the baseboards to paint and then the walls. Ugh! We were going to finish out our upstairs but I think we might look into moving in a year. I WISH WISH WISH sooner.
This weekend we have my brother and sister in laws wedding reception. They got married in FL and we didn't get to go. That should be a lot of fun! :)
Caroline is on her way to genius town. lol She was playing with ABC's on the fridge and she was looking for a G. I didn't know she knew what a G was really. But she pulled almost every letter off the fridge and said this is a, t, y, d, etc. There were only a few she didn't know. She has been recommenced by her teachers and stuff to apply to some of the magnet schools. I think we might try. I need to definitely work with her some so we will see. Hunter is cruisin now. He is moving a little bit back and forth between stuff. He has been sleeping WAY better now that his first 2 teeth came in. I Am ready for the weekend! Have a great night!

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