Monday, September 29, 2008

Girl day!

Today we went to Chick Fila to meet my friend Linz and her baby girl. We had a nice time. I love me some Chick Fila. I love their salads. After we left there we went to Walmart and we bought body glitter, hair glitter, nail diamonds, icing, sprinkles, makeup, and some other princessy things. We dropped Hunter off with my mother in law and came home for a girls only afternoon. It was so nice to just spend time with Caroline. I could tell she was really needing my attention. I have been a little bit distant lately with all the stress I am under right now. We made sugar cookies with my gramas cookie cutters. While they were baking we did Carolines hair just like they did at Disney at her princess makeover. We did her makeup and painted her nails with diamonds in them. t was so fun. Then we decorated our cookies. She is so sweet and made one for everyone. After that we watched a movie and ate popcorn and colored. I love to color lol. She was loving all the 1 on 1 attention so I am definitely going to do that more often. I have definitely had a hard time dividing my time between Caoline, hunter, Scotty, and my house hold chores, and my computer time. So I am reorganizing my time. If I want to blog stalk and check email I get on when Scotty leaves for work and the kids are snoozing still. I periodically check during the day still but I don't stay on. And night time is my time to do whatever. I am cleaning first thing in the morning and straightening up at bedtime. I have struggled in balancing all these roles. So I am working on that. I want my kids to know and feel that they come first above everything else. I have been praying for solutions and answers and I feel like God has sent me a message. So I am going to follow my heart right now. 
Anyway, I am going to head to bed. I am pooped. 

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Lindsay said...

Girl I know how you feel about dividing time! Lemme know how that works for you.