Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday 12

1. I have been a major blog slacker. I have seriously felt like crapola. I am finally feeling better but I hate to jinx it! I could sleep hours all day. I have never in my life been so tired. Pregnancy is kicking my butt.

2. Today is orientation at Hunter's moms day out. I am really sad about it. I want to take it back now! He really needs it thought bc he is such a HUGE mamas boy. He needs interaction with other kids his own age. And the thought of having 4 hours to myself twice a week does sound fabulous.....

3. Caroline is doing great in school. She is reading all kinds of sentences now. I can spell words that I don't want her to hear and now she can sound them out. So I am going to have to learn pig latin or spanish! SHe has been so busy with all her activities. She is loving her swimming.

4. We had a super long weekend and the hubby was home all weekend. Yesterday we went to Ulta and got some new skin care stuff. The hubby would probably kill me but he is pretty into the wrinkle creams and all that. Its pretty cute. He is going out of town all weekend for a guys weekend in the mountains. I am really looking forward to time with the kids just us.

5. We have been looking at houses. There is so much crap out there. No one takes care of their stuff and yards are tiny. We are pretty limited bc we are trying to stay in our school zone.

6. I want a dog. I have caught the hubby looking at dogs online. I am going to secretly talk to him about puppies in his sleep so maybe he will let us get one. I grew up with dogs and the kids want one really bad. Well Caroline does. Hunter is scared of dogs so more reason to get one so he won't be forever scared of dogs!!

7. I am ready for the fall. THe weather keeps teasing us with cool weather then warm.

8. I noticed a a few kids weren't at school today bc of the Obama speech in school. I am just glad Caroline is in kindergarden and I don't have to deal with that stuff this year. Hopefully he will be impeached before she is in 3rd grade! lol

9. I have got to get caught up on my laundry. I really have been lazy. I could crawl into bed right now if I could!! I have been really bad about my domestic duties!!

10. Last week I worked in Caroline's class some. I love her teacher and I love her class. I am so glad thats where she is. Her class is really unlike any other. I can tell she is changing so much. SHe is growing up so fast. She just jumps outta the van every morning and marches right into school like its no big deal. It still tears at my heart.

11. She has a loose tooth. I want to pull it out so bad!!! She already has 2 teeth coming in. But her tooth is so loose it would barely take anything to yank it out.

12. Well I must get ready to take HUnter to his orientation. I hope I don't cry. I am not even leaving him! But the pregnancy hormones are intense!! Hope everyone has a great day!!

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