Friday, May 8, 2009


I have  been an awful blogger lately! The nice weather, well warmer weather has had me and the fam outdoors! I have been doing some landscaping here and about to lay some mulch. I also am landscaping my moms for her. Its turning out really nice! Yesterday I register Caroline fo r kindergarden. It was such a bittersweet moment. I was excited for her but so sad she won't be with us all day long on all our little adventures. :(  It is nice to get to have more one on one time with Hunter and get to do stuff with him like I did Caroline. She is going to go to a kindercamp at her new school for 3 weeks in June. I hope she likes it and does well. Hopefully and excuse my being rude loser dad will have her there on time and not looking like she hasn't bath in weeks. Unfortunately we have to share a lot of the summer which sucks for Caroline bc she misses out on so much and doesn't get to have a lot of the opportunities to do things we would like her to do. Scotty wants her taking golf lol. I think we will wait til next summer.

I will post some new pics of the kids soon and be a better blogger! lol


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