Friday, November 21, 2008


I am a lazy blogger! I always get on here to post and then something happens and I get up. I am sick right now. I feel awful! The kids have all been sick and I have been on antibiotics so I thought I was gonna not get it but as soon as I quit taking them I got sick! :( Things are good in our house. Hunter is walking all over the place. He is "talking" nonstop. Poor me bc Caroline already talks nonstop so 2 and my ears are probably going to explode! lol I have to brag on Caroline. She is the smartest girl! I am so proud of her. She really likes learning stuff at school and she has learned all her shapes which she knew but today told me that the shape on tv was a "pexagon". I thought that was really smart. She knows all the not so basic shapes. She can count to 100. She knows all her letters and can hear a word well most words and figure out what it starts with. She can read a few words now and know her address, where we live, her town, our phone numbers, etc. Her teachers have said to have her tested for the magnet schools so I might. I am not really sure. We are zoned AWESOME public schools. I am just really proud of Caroline and her wanting to learn and keep trying. She is even learning to add. I don't remember doing that at 4! Hunter on the other hand only says 2 words that I can "understand" uh oh and "ight" for light. lol He is just more active than Caroline. Today we met some friends and Chick Fila and he climbed in the tube by himself and half way up the slide which still blows my mind bc well he s only 12 months and Caroline didn't do any of that til 2. He is just more physically active than she was.
We had Thanksgiving at my inlaws this week. I made a lot of the food. I brined my turkey and cooked it. I did mashed potatoes, stuffing which was the best I ever had not to brag on myself lol, glazed carrots, 2 cakes, and gravy. AND I only managed to use about 4  BOXES of butter!!! I was really working on hard on making it low cal and low fat. hehe! I can't wait til next week to get my christmas decorations up!! Well I am off to get in bed and be sickly! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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