Monday, November 24, 2008

3 kids

I had one of my friends little girls last night over night. She is just 3 and not potty trained all the way yet. She is absolutely adorable and sweet and says thank you about everything. Its so sweet. Well this morning I was making muffins, from scratch I might add, and doing some laundry. It got so wild around here. I gave them both baths and dried both their hair. Then they needed to do their nails and lotion. And they changed shirts about 6 times a piece. lol I am glad I only have 1 girl right now! They are so high maintenance! I just threw Hunter in some fleece pants and a tee shirt and he was good to go. Snotty nose and all. Right after Hunter was born bc I had "new baby" on the brain I was convinced I wanted to try when he was 15 or so months old. Umm no thanks! Maybe 2 or 2 and a half or 3 lol. I am just glad I have my 2! I love having other kids over but I am definitely not ready for another one any time soon! LOL

Its a yucky day out. We are going to go to the movies later. We have all been sick and are just now getting better so that's good. Maybe I will get to do some xmas shopping this weekend!! I have no idea what to get! Have a great day!

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