Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Today is Hunters birthday! I can't believe that he is 1. He is starting to really walk around. I am a cheese ball so I keep saying this time last year I was still in the OR. lol He is so sweet and funny. I feel so blessed to get to be his mommy. 
I am exhausted today! I shot a session late night for the girls at HARLOW salon in Nashville. They host a showcase every Monday. It was very fun. Diana Digarmo from Idol was one of the singers and Bucky Covington was there. The other girls that sang were AWESOME! I am really excited bc one of the girls wants to do pics. She is putting out an album soon and she is very sweet and super pretty so I can take bad pics and they will look good! lol I am excited to be working with Harlow. If you need your hairs did check them out!  
I hope everyone has a great day! 


Marymont Springs said...

Awe how did I Miss it! I hope he had a great day!!

And you go girlie with your photography!! That is freakin awesome!

K. Crafton said...

YAY! Go Jennifer!

And happy belated birthday to Hunter!